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Aristotle; Nicomachean Ethics; 350BC

At Musketeers Education we firmly believe that experiential learning and learning through reflection is key when thinking about Social and Emotional well-being and development in children.

With today’s schools becoming more and more multicultural and multilingual with children from diverse social and economic backgrounds it is more important than ever to provide children with a motivation for behaving positively, participating enthusiastically in their studies, and performing well. Social and emotional learning can and should provide a sound footing for a positive learning environment and equip children with essential key life skills

In order to promote social and emotional well-being, children need to be provided with the opportunities to both experience, practice and apply the necessary self-management skills in a variety of situations and also to think and reflect…


By combining our exclusive Social & Emotional learning content with the state of the art technological Curtanna platform children will experience a truly fun, sequenced and dynamic curriculum allowing them to:

  • Learning to identify and understand the different basic emotions to manage them effectively
  • Create a personal and positive goal-driven environment
  • Establish and sustain relationships with other children and adults
  • Be empathetic towards others
  • Take responsibility for their own decisions
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Reflection and monitoring ...

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With the aid of the Curtanna platform’s cutting edge and user-friendly data collection and reporting capabilities, educators are able to get an accurate, up to date picture of every pupil’s emotional progress literally at the click of a button!

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